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Wood product material properties

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WPC has gradually become the preferred alternative to wood. Compared with wood products have great performance advantages.

 Advantages are as follows:

 1. The product has the same processing performance wood, nails, drilling, planing, sticky, smooth and delicate surfaces without sanding and painting.

 2. Product abandoned natural wood defects, such as cracking, warping, color and so on, so no regular maintenance.

 3. Product bending characteristics, suitable for a variety of particleboard bar room fitted with decorative materials.

 4. Product unique technology to meet the needs of a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness, etc., which also includes a variety of designs, colors and wood manufactures, without sanding, painting, reduce late fees and processing costs, to customers more choices.

 5. The product has a fireproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, resistant to moisture, will not be moth-eaten, and excellent performance not long fungi, acid, non-toxic and pollution-free.

 6. Long life, can be reused many times, an average of five times longer than wood use more than the cost of wood 1/2 ~ 1/3, cost a great advantage. Thermoformable, secondary processing, high strength, saving energy.

 7. products are hard, lightweight insulation, smooth surface, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic, non-polluting.

 8. moldability, and can be made into a large size and complex shape profiles are widely used wood pallets according to need, container production, and gift wrapping, interior decoration, construction, landscape design and other public sectors; WPC sheet has excellent secondary processing performance, mainly for car decoration, interior decoration, etc., can be processed into a car door trim panels, floor, seat backs, instrument panels, armrests, seat base, roof and more.

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