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Why wood industry called "hot" market

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     Wood materials in the local environment, the effect of home decorative embellishment prominent, has become increasingly popular with consumers love, coupled with the style of the product is relatively high cultural value, but also to enrich the connotation of the brand and push up the height, so these products will be continued to rage.

    WPC is made of wood fiber or plant fiber filled, reinforced modified thermoplastic materials, both cost and performance advantages of wood and plastic, by extrusion or compression molding of profiles, sheet metal or other products, alternative wood and plastic. Wood fiber plastic compounds studied more than 80 years of history, but has been unable to industrialization, about 15 years ago for only a small amount of low acoustic products. Because the concept of environmental protection by enhancing the construction industry began to look like wood substitute materials (non-corrosive, does not warp, easy maintenance, appearance and similar timber), while South Korea and Japan, paper, wood processing plants seeking sawdust, waste sawdust and other applications. These are to promote and accelerate the WPC research and application development. The blend is processed into flour filled with architectural and structural profiles extrusion industry is currently one of the most active areas of new development applications are endless. The state has invested a lot of force to accelerate the pace of development and applications, especially in the production of profiles, is known to be a "hot" market.

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