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Laying wood flooring pay attention to what?

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1, wood floors usually start laying the room or from laying more favorable side wall to the other side wall from the entrance of the room.


2, to be laid on the ground floor bedroom to conduct inspection and repair. Households living in the floor to learn more about the ground situation seasons resurgence. If the resurgence of severe, be sure to apply a layer of waterproof bitumen or asphalt oil.


3, for the laying of the floor of the axis to be good planning and design, the axis is laying flooring baseline. Especially when the number of units within the same room at the same time laying the axis of the planning and design of which is more important. You can ask the master site specific practices.


4, for the laying of the floor tiles carefully according to their quality, color depth sorting time. Good quality, consistent color, try laying on the central and prominent place in the house, usually on-site chef will verbally inform.


5, laying floorboards starting point must be spread very neat, smooth and strong. Its starting point is whether or tongue and groove floor flat floors have strong adhesive.


6, laying floor tiles, four sides and four Pro Pro corner of each plate must remain parallel and perpendicular to each other, there can be little mistake, because with the laying of the expansion of the area, the error increases.


7, planing always pay special attention to the texture of its floor tiles vertically and horizontally, and so eat of cut section scar size and planers, otherwise it will lead to open fork, cracked and uneven wave pattern, ineffective.

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